Installing Multisite on Surftown Private Hosting

Steps taken to install a Network (Multisite) WordPress installation on Surftown private advanced hosting.

Problems with the 1-click installer with Multisite

First of all, if you use Surftown’s 1-click-installer to install WordPress, when you login to the site and try to activate Multisite, it decides that the installation is too old and hence must use subdomain structure.

Installing WordPress it the manual way

I didn’t want that, I wanted my sites to be in folders. I guess there is some neat way to alter the reported age of the WordPress installation, but I went with the old manual way:

  • Create subdomain via Surftown CP
  • Download the usual wordpress installation package from
  • Upload the installation file, i e to the root folder of where you want your multisite
  • Uncompress that via Surftown file manager, files decompress into folder /wordpress, move the files back to root, delete the /wordpress folder (much faster and more reliable than uploading all the decompressed files via FTP)
  • Set up a database, grant user dba rights, separately edit that user and give it full access to this database (shouldn’t be necessary if you choose dba, but is for some reason since it has no rights otherwise)
  • Go to your installation URL in your browser, i e, go thru the WP wizard of creating a wp-config.php (if it tells you problems with the DB, it’s probably because you havent separately given explicit rights to the dba user in Surftown controlpanel)
  • Log in to the WP site, which is now just a vanilla WP install, to see that everything works. Log back out.
  • Edit wp-config.php via FTP/Sublime Text, adding this:
    /* Multisite */
    define( 'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true );
  • Log back into WP, go to Tools – Network Configuration.
  • Set up as you like, sub domains or folder based.
  • Follow instructions in WP: add the required code to wp-config.php and .htaccess (Your WordPress backend will give you this.)

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