Newspaper layout

Let’s create a basic news paper layout. First, make sure you are using the Typography workspace. You can see the final layout and a video (in Swedish) at the bottom of this page.

Part 1. Place the image.

  1. Create a new document: Portrait mode A4.
  2. Download this mage : jens.jpg – and save it in your InDesign course folder.
  3. Place the image – (FIle – Place) so that it goes from the black lines – page edge to page edge (not on the margins)

Part 2 – Text with columns

  1. Under the image, create a text box from left to right margins, apx 184,6 x 180 mm.
  2. Right click on the textbox and choose “Fill with place holder text
  3. Give the text box three columns. You can do this in two ways: Select the text box and find “Number of columns” in the control field, and increase to 3. Alternatively, right click the text box and choose “Options for text box” and add 3 columns there.
  4. Create a Drop cap, by placing your text marker in the first paragraph, enter Paragraph setting sin the control field (or the Paragraph panel), and change “No of lines for Drop cap” to 3.

Part 3 – The textbox with a quote.

  1. Quote. Create a new textbox outside of the other textbox and drag it in with the black arrow.
  2. Enter “A very wise quote” .
  3. Change the text settings to Minion Pro Italic, 20 pts – CMYK 100 0 0 0.
  4. Using the black arrow, change the text box so it is not larger than necessary.
  5. Move the textbox on top of the existing textbox (it will look messy)
  6. With the quote text box selected, click the Panel “Text Wrap“.
  7. In this panel you choose “Text wrap around object” (third function in the upper list)
  8. Possibly adjust the free space around your quote by increasing/decreasing the millimeters in the Text wrap panel.
  9. If you want to center the text in the box, you can do it by selecting the box and in the control field find Center verticall.
  10. Look at your creating by using Presentation mode – Shift -W.
  11. Save as News paper layout.indd

This is what it should look like:

Ovning tidningslayout

Övningen på video

Här kan du  titta på övningen som referens-PDF: Ovning tidningslayout