Photoshop basics

As part of the three-lesson INGKA course with InDesign and Photoshop.


  • Coming from InDesign via contextual menu Edit in Photoshop
  • Intro to Photoshop
    • InDesign can crop, scale, rotate, change transparency. But not change contrast, sharpness, change contents in general.
    • Photoshop can handle both vector and pixel/raster graphics but excels at the latter.
    • Extremely (overly) powerful in most cases. Generates large, complex files. Only use Photoshop when you have to.
    • Comes with Camera raw mini-program for most commonly used photo enhancements.
    • Quick demo of the Filter gallery
    • An alternative is Lightroom which also gives you the cataloging functionality, you can use Bridge also
  • Layout of the program
    • Same as Indesign in principle (the control field is technically called the options field..)
    • Suggest to use the Photography workspace.
    • You will work a lot in the Layers panel
  • Commonly used tools
    • Move tool (black cursor)
    • Selection tools i e marching ants tools
    • (Pen tool)
    • Clone stamp/healing brush tool
    • Brush tool (for layer masks)
  • Intro to non-destructive editing
    • Duplicating your background
    • Working with (many) layers
    • Smart objects
    • Smart filters
    • Adjustment layers
    • Layer masks
    • Saving as PSD file format
  • Wishes from participants:
    • Basic image enhancements: Contrast, sharpness/clarity, saturation
    • Use a cutout image in InDesign.
  • If there is time:
    • Highlighting in Photoshop: Vignetting, masking, sharpening/blurring

More advanced level (not included in the basic course)

  • Different file formats
  • Graphic design tips for ”graphic” cutouts
  • Exercise 2: Make a cutout using the Pen tool on some sheets
  • Conclusion of the course. Evaluation

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